Dear Neighbors,

WELCOME to General Store by Work and Play, your ONE-STOP ONLINE MARKETPLACE for South Orange, N.J., Maplewood, N.J., and surrounding areas!  We carry GOODS and EXPERIENCES from LOCAL MAKERS and INDEPENDENT STORESVisit the marketplace.

Deborah Engel and I (Amy Howlett), both busy moms with young kids, wished there were a single online permanent venue for local makers and independent stores to reach customers, like us, who WANT TO SHOP LOCAL BUT OFTEN DON’T HAVE THE TIME to browse multiple stores and websites.

General Store by Work and Play marries the CONVENIENCE OF ONLINE SHOPPING with our desire to FEEL CONNECTED to our purchases and SUPPORT THE CHARACTER OF OUR TOWNS.  You can now purchase from local independent stores and makers WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON. Your purchases will be delivered, often for free, to your doorstep.  Learn more about our delivery policies and how to earn FREE DELIVERY.

One of Maplewood’s early general stores Harry Baker’s Grocery was located near the corner of Baker Street and Maplewood Avenue. In 1890, it was the only store at Maplewood’s center.  Postcard from the Collection of the Durand-Hedden House and Garden Association.

On our website and social media channels, WE’LL SHARE STORIES with you about many of the products available and the people who make or sell them, and help you find just the right items with our CURATED GUIDES.  Read our latest backstories and gift guides.

We also provide a COOPERATIVE NETWORK for local makers and independent stores to foster collaborations and professional development.  WHEN WE WORK TOGETHER, EVERYONE BENEFITS.  Learn more about joining our collaborative network of sellers.

Shopping locally helps reduce packaging and transportation waste.

Until now, most buy-local initiatives have focused on getting more foot traffic into stores.  But that can only go so far. It’s like a tiny hand trying to hold back the tsunami of convenience brought to us by big-box and online-mega stores.  At General Store, we strive to fit the WARMTH AND SOCIAL CONNECTION of old-time general stores into our overextended modern lives.

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Amy & Deborah